Account opening

At Bernstein Bank, opening a trading account is conveniently carried out directly on our homepage. By clicking on the ‘Live Account’ button at the top right of our website, we guide you through the complete procedure of the application. For the purpose of viewing and downloading, at this point you will also find all the necessary company information and documents for data protection, the legitimization variants, the terms and conditions and trading conditions, the execution principles and risk warnings as well as our price and service list.

The opening of a trading account is initially generally not binding. After submitting the online application, you will immediately receive the login details for your trading account along with the download option of the MT4 software by email. Logging in is also possible via our Webtrader version. You decide on the time and amount of capitalization. A minimum deposit or minimum requirement does not exist in this context.

Similarly, the opening of a demo trading account takes place. Just click on the ‘Demo Account’ button at the top right of our website. After submission, you will receive the relevant logins by mail.

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In addition to the download version of the MT4 trading platform, there is also the option of direct online access to our trading platform. With the Webtrader you only need internet connection and can log in flexibly from anywhere in the world. A software download is not necessary.

With the MetaTrader 4 webtrader you can easily access your MetaTrader 4 platform with an internet browser (i.g. Safari, Edge, Chrome, Modzilla, Internet Explorer) with your desktop PC, laptop or your tablet from wherever you want and whenever you need.



All necessary information and documents – including data protection, the various forms of legitimization, the terms and conditions of business and trading, the execution principles and risk information as well as our list of prices and services – are made available within the framework of an online account opening.


Funding your account is a key element to benefit from our unique trading environment.  Our account funding is swift and uncomplicated. Our specialized Client Portal makes payment and funding an automated procedure. Deposits and withdrawals can be done within seconds.

In addition to the traditional bank transfer, Bernstein Bank GmbH is pleased to offer many additional payment options to fund your account. Nearly all incoming payments will be processed within the day.

FAQ Metatrader

What kinds of trading platforms do you offer?

We specialise in the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, and we are the only provider in Germany with an active original licence from Metaquotes, the developer of the MetaTrader environment.

What range of functions does MT4 offer?

The MetaTrader platform enables real-time display of rates and graphs, along with technical analyses and real-time display of profits and losses, makes it possible for orders to be placed by a few clicks and offers other useful functions that simplify trading. Each strategy should include diversification for the purpose of minimising risk. Therefore, the MetaTrader platform enables trading with currency pairs, commodities and shares. Thanks to the quick execution of orders in the MetaTrader platform, you will mostly benefit from the short waiting period, which can be decisive during trading. Experienced traders can automatize successful strategies via the Expert Advisors automatic trading system, and thereby greatly simplify trading.

What are the technical requirements?

Ideally, you should have a computer with Windows XP or higher. You can install the MetaTrader platform on the local computer or use it in your web browser. Even without a PC, you can use the MT4 mobile app on your tablet or smartphone. The range of functions is slightly limited as far as analysis of graphs is concerned, but the basic functions are available. The order functions are fully available. You can, of course, use the mobile app together with the installation on your computer.

How much does MetaTrader cost?

Bernstein bank will provide the MT4 platform to you free of charge.

Which financial tools can be traded on the MetaTrader platform?

The MetaTrader platform has been designed as software for trading contracts for difference (CFDs) and foreign exchange rates. The CFDs were developed a few dozen years ago in England to help users avoid the obligation to pay the duty stamp tax. The trading is conduced directly with the contract seller, and therefore these types of financial transactions fall under what is known as trading off the counter, abbreviated as OTC trading. The CFD trading does not concern the underlying asset – only the changes to its rate are traded. The special feature of CFDs is that you can speculate with these instruments both when rates rise and when they fall, which creates entirely new trading opportunities for private investors.

Positions that speculate regarding rate increases are referred to as long positions, and positions that speculate regarding rate declines are referred to as short positions. Over time, the CFD contracts have been implemented for countless underlying assets (“Underlyings”). European and American shares are common, for example, as well as their main indices. Another important factor during trading in the MetaTrader platform is Forex trading. During Forex trading, also known as currency trading, currency pairs are traded. The most important currency pairs include EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD. The currency market can be considered the financial market with the highest turnover volume in the world.

Due to its high liquidity, this market is appropriate for intra-day trading strategy, during which multiple transactions can be completed within a single day. In this case, like with CFD contracts, long or short positions can be entered. Another advantage of this market is that trading can be done almost non-stop from Monday morning to Friday evening.

Where and how can I download the MetaTrader platform?

Simply visit our website and click on “Open Demo Account” or “Open Real Account”. You will then receive a download link. You will receive the log-in details from us by e-mail. Installation will be done automatically.

Which port do I have to open in the network configuration if necessary?

If your computer is protected by a special firewall and the MT4 application does not launch, ensure that port 440 is opened.

What is VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

Simply put, your computer will run on an external server in a data centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From your PC or mobile device, you can easily connect to your personal VPS, which will consume only a small amount of your computer’s available performance (memory, processor speed, etc.).

As a Forex and CFD trader, you can also allow automatic trading systems to work non-stop, along with algorithms, strategies and the Expert Advisers system. Your computer can remain switched off and disconnected from the internet. If you achieve a certain minimum trading volume we will provide you with a VPS free of charge.

FAQ Expert Adviser

What is Expert Advisor?

EA (Expert Advisor) is a programmed trading strategy or a trading system, which works based on pre-set rules (entering and exiting the position, risk management). All decisions are handled by the EA system, which follows the rules strictly and “does not decide with its heart”. For the purposes of automatic trading, the EA systems are essential, and MetaTrader is an excellent trading platform for their development and use.

What is automatic trading?

The term automatic trading shall be understood as opening and closing of positions via the Expert Advisor system in accordance with trading criteria defined by the user. Programming is done in the MQL language. This type of trading is advantageous mainly for private traders, who cannot constantly sit at a computer and monitor the development of graphs.

The MetaTrader platform offers the function of retroactive testing for the purpose of verification of the original trading strategy. Like in case of indicators and scripts, there is also a large community, which is actively involved in these matters and offers a large number of strategies.

Can I program on my own in the MetaTrader platform?

Unlike many other trading platforms, the MetaTrader platform not only offers the opportunity for integration of ready indicators, but also enables users to design their own programs. There is an editor for this purpose, included with every MetaTrader program. Scripts can be written in the MQL programming language. So with minimum knowledge of programming, practically anyone can design their own personal trading system.

Is there a community of MT4 users?

There is a huge community involved in development of indicators and scripts for the MetaTrader platform. On various forums multiple small programs for the MetaTrader platform have already been created in this way. They can usually be downloaded and used free of charge. However, any use is at the user’s own risk.

FAQ Risikomanagement

What is the situation with risk management?

Risk management is generally considered the most important element of successful trading. Many successful traders clam that trading is basically nothing more than management of the risks posed by open positions. Risk management tools include determination of position size, the “stop loss” order or the target for profit withdrawal (target profit, also known as the target rate) and/or the “stop for ensuring profit” (a trailing stop) order.

An important tool for ensuring successful trading from a long-term point of view is also diversification, i.e. distribution of your investment to various instruments.

What is the “stop loss” order?

First of all, it needs to be pointed out that the expression “stop” refers to a type of order. Using the “stop rate” order you can set the signal value at which the market order will be issued and your position will be closed or opened for the closest tradable rate. The additional word “loss” means nothing more than that limitation of your loss is involved. When the order is executed, your position will be closed with a loss.

The “stop loss” order serves for protection of your business investments. The position will be closed via the “stop loss” order after a certain loss amount is reached. That amount will likely range between 2% and 4% of invested capital. For example, if your investment amounts to 100,000 euros, then the risk of losses will likely range between 2,000 euros and 4,000 euros. You can, of course, set the “stop loss” order in the MetaTrader platform.

What is a profit target?

With the help of a profit target, you can set the moment when you will withdraw from the position. You can calculate the profit target via technical analysis tools (such as the level of support and resistance, Fibonacci projection or the Fibonacci level of reverse movements) and enter it into the trading platform. The profit target can also be set using other methods, of course, such as if your achieved profit amounts to 5% of the entered value.

What is a stop for ensuring profit?

First of all, it needs to be pointed out that the expression “stop” refers to a type of order. Using the “stop rate” order you can set the signal value at which the market order will be issued and your position will be closed or open for the closest tradable rate. The added phrase “for ensuring profit” does not mean anything other than that it involves ensuring achieved profit. During the execution of the order, your position will be closed with the available remaining profit.

What is diversification?

Generally, diversification involves distribution of assets to multiple financial instruments. The aim is to prevent concentration of risk and “bet on more than one horse”. The probability of a high loss is therefore much lower with many different financial instruments than with a portfolio comprised of one or more small financial instruments. Even with a low investment, it is very easy to trade with multiple instruments and use diversification to achieve reduction of risk, thanks to trading on a margin account and the need to make only an insignificant capital investment.

What is a margin account?

In the case of a margin account, it is enough to have available only a fraction of capital from the traded volume. It is necessary to have only an insignificant guarantee amount in the account (margin). This, for example, will enable you to trade a currency pair in a volume of 10,000 euros while having only a needed guarantee amount of 100 euros in the account.

How and when will I receive my account statements?

You will receive account statements daily, if any transactions occur in your account (trade, investment, payout). Account statements will be sent by e-mail. Of course, you can log into your account at any time and in real time get an overview of your account balance, open positions, transaction history, etc.


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